Subject Network Meetings – Arts

Course Leader:          

Target Audience:       Arts Subject Leaders.

Dates: 2nd December 2020 18th March 2021 6th July 2021

Time: 4.00pm – 5.30pm

Cost: £75 per meeting or £200 for all three

Course Outline:

Network meetings are a means to keep subject leaders informed and up to date on learning and teaching issues and developments within their respective subject areas. These termly meetings will have three components which will vary in relation to each depending on the current situation within the subject. The three components will be:

  1. A subject update which will include recent developments and guidance from either local, regional or national sources such as new requirements or reports, new learning and teaching resources or publications.
  1. An aspect relating to learning and teaching in the classroom with a strong practical emphasis such as on general planning, assessment, progression, use of specific resources or the teaching of individual aspects of either subject.
  1. Issues, topics or content decided upon by attendees. This aspect is important to ensure that the meetings set out to meet your needs and concerns. Suggestions should be sent in advance or discussed at previous meetings to allow for planning and preparation to take place.