SOLO Taxonomy – from unconnected information to greater depth

Course Leader: Sian Deane

Target Audience: Senior Leaders

Dates:   6th June 2019 – 9.00am – 12.00pm
Day 2 – To Be Confirmed

Cost:   £180 (delegates must attend both sessions)

Course Content:

• To look at the current raised expectations of the curriculum which requires pupils to work at greater depth.
• To become familiar with lower order and higher order thinking skills
• To have access to a range of practical resources which will support using SOLO Taxonomy in the classroom across all phases
• To have an understanding of how SOLO Taxonomy can be used to differentiate learning for pupils of all ability across the curriculum
• To have an effective mechanism for self-assessment at the start and end of a unit of work
• To observe pupils using SOLO Taxonomy and see the impact it has on learners

Course Outcome:

• To support staff and students in having a clear progression in learning
• For staff to have a clear understanding of how to ensure that pupils of all ability work at greater depth across the curriculum
• Staff will be able to differentiate learning tasks and questioning to ensure greater depth is achieved.


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