School Based Research – Preparation for the New Curriculum

Project name

School based research- preparation for the New National Curriculum.

Funds available


Purpose of project

Teachers and school leaders to complete school based research into planning frameworks for the delivery of the new national curriculum.

Project Lead

Lee Ferriday

Involvement of other partners

Five Specialist Leaders of Education.

Three teachers who applied to be Specialist Leaders of Education.

Will Doult – LA ICT Consultant.

Kate Burton – LA Teaching and Learning consultant

Chris Ogden- LA Teaching and Learning consultant.

Funding arrangements

5 SLE’s and 3 lead teachers will attend four meetings.

5 SLE’s and 3 lead teachers will complete 5   x ½ days school based research.

Nominated teachers working on TORCH project, cover for school based activity.

Will Doult (LA TORCH Consultant.

Project support.

Kate Burton( LA Consultant)

Project support.

Chris Ogden( LA consultant)

Project support.

Publication and dissemination of completed projects.


Report on School Based Research by March 31st 2014.

Complete contributions to the TORCH project by the end of June 2014.

Publication and dissemination by the end of Summer 2014.

 Outcomes of project

Teachers and members of the LA School Improvement service made a contribution to the completion of the web based curriculum on the Telford and Wrekin TORCH site. The section of the TORCH site is available to all teachers across the Local Authority.  It is found in Teachers Resource section and is accessible via the New National Curriculum link.  The live web page offers teachers lesson objectives, learning and assessment activities and resources for English and Maths in the New National Curriculum. Teachers are able to add to the site with their own lesson activities and resources.

The teachers, lead teachers, consultants and Advisers who contributed to the new curriculum site spent time in schools gathering examples of best practice to place into the New Curriculum framework.  Two schools from the neighbouring LA of Shropshire were involved in the project, this had the benefit of sharing best practice across two authorities.

The LA specialist consultants for English and Maths held termly meetings with the school based subject leaders from schools across the Local Authority, at these meetings they shared the contents of the TORCH site and the evolving curriculum framework.

During the Autumn term 2014 the contents of the TORCH site will be downloaded and converted into a hard copy document, the purpose of this is to bring it to the attention of all teachers who may not access the TORCH site.

The range of professionals involved in the project were able to spend tie as a group familiarising themselves with the revised expectations of the New Curriculum and researching how this could be applied in their own school setting.  The group concluded that the expectations in numeracy and English had been raised and that children would be expected to learn more challenging skills and concepts at an earlier age. Consequently, the schools involved in the project were aware of the need to ensure teachers were planning to meet the higher expectations for the curriculum from September 2014.

During the development of the TORCH New Curriculum framework the group were also able to identify increasing cross curricular links and the benefits of these links were clear for all teachers involved in making the learning more meaningful for the children.  Many of the activities included on the TORCH site have been applied to lessons in local schools and evaluated as having a positive impact on the outcomes for children.

Throughout the programme the Project Lead has been instrumental in developing the project plans and coordinating the progress towards the aims of the Research and Development programme. He has led the following aspects of the programme:

Bringing the participants together to review progress towards the

  • development of the New Curriculum resource on the TORCH site.
  • Arranging and leading sessions for the participants to share best practice.
  • Liaising with the group on an individual basis to offer support and guidance on their contribution to the project and to review their contributions to the overall aims. M
  • Ensure the TORCH site was regularly updated with the contributions from each group member.
  • Informing the wider stakeholders of the progress towards the aims of the project  , including all strategic partners in the Alliance, the LA school improvement service,  lead teachers , teachers and school leaders from across the region.
  • The dissemination of the information recorded on the TORCH site.


The next stage of the project is to continue to share the outcomes of the project with subject leaders across the region by presenting it as both a web based resource and a publication. This will be shared through the termly subject leader meetings.  Teachers will be further encouraged to make their own contributions to the site to maintain its interactive potential for review and improvement. Additionally, the site will be shared, as a resource bank, with the trainee teachers presently engaged with the School Direct programme being managed and lead by our Teaching School Alliance.