National Award for SEN Coordination (NASENCO) including Postgraduate Certificate in Inclusive Education

National Award for SEN Coordination (NASENCO) including Postgraduate Certificate in Inclusive Education

Course Leaders:          Dean Boyce (BPN) & Nicola Davis (Deputy Head, The Bridge School)

Target Audience:        New and existing SENCOS who hold QTS


Day 1:    24th October 2019    Day 2:   2nd December 2019

Day 3:    30th January 2020    Day 4:    24th March 2020

Day 5:    18th June 2020          Day 6:    to be agreed by cohort

Cost:                            £1980 + VAT

The National Award for SEN Coordination (NASENCO) is a statutory requirement for all SENCOs appointed new to role from September 2008 and is an excellent opportunity for professional development for experienced SENCOs.  The NASENCO Award is provided in partnership with BPN and Bath Spa University and awards 60 course credits at level 7 (Master’s)

The NASENCO programme is delivered in partnership with the School of Education’s CPD Department at Bath Spa University (BSU). It incorporates the Postgraduate Certificate in Inclusive Education from their Professional Master’s Programme, worth the first 60 credits towards a Master’s (MA) degree.

Duration of study and outline of programme

For the Master’s level work participants will have a year within which to submit their academic assignments. To complete the programme participants will be expected to:

• Attend 6 face-to-face day sessions to engage in learning, share good practice and practise key skills

• Write two assignments that add up to 60 credits

• Complete an e-portfolio to ensure that documentary evidence is provided for any learning outcomes not covered elsewhere

• Invest time in personal study, reading, & research; on-going reflection on practice will be required

• Liaise with their group and academic tutor

To support successful completion we ask and encourage schools to provide appropriate release time in order to give participants the opportunity to:

• Carry out days of school based activities for research and development activity in school

• Visit other work places, where appropriate

• Engage in additional national workshop days or half days

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