Creative Connections News

During the Autumn term 2020, CCT contacted all schools to talk to children about their experience of the arts in school and the difference this made to their lives.

The age ranges spoken to were from Key Stage 1 to aged 25. The audience were from mainstream infant, primary, secondary and special schools.

The purpose of the pupil voice was to find out the provision in their school and their views on what should be provided both during the school day and as out of school provision in their community. The outcomes from the discussions will be shared with our cultural partners, to identify opportunities to work together and in addition source new partners to meet the needs of the children and young people.

The discussions that took place were based on the following aspects:

  • The arts that the children and young people have been involved with
  • The importance of the arts in their lives
  • The time spent on the arts
  • Whether the arts are as important as other subjects in their school
  • The aspect of the arts that they are proud of in their school
  • Whether they use the arts to help them to relax and the difference it makes
  • Whether they have used the arts to make them feel calm
  • If they could choose, what they would like there to be available in their school/community

The outcomes of the discussions will be shared here at the end of the autumn term, when all discussions are complete.